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>> union bank has put its strength to work for a wide range of companies from small businesses to messenger corporations. can we do for you? >> and now, bbc world news. >> greece's prime minister arrives in germany for more talks and help from the eurozone's strongest economy. >> greece does have great potential. we are not a poor country. we were a mismanaged country. >> the largest storm to hit the philippines this year forces more than 100,000 people to leave their homes. first as australia's government says it is time for women soldiers to take on front line combat duties. welcome to bbc world news. also coming up, accused of killing michael jackson his personal doctor goes on trail for involuntary manslaughter. fighting a war against left-hand
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mines, we meet the man who has getted 25 years to clearing them from iraq. >> the agreeing prime minister george papandreou has been given a rousing reception in berlin where he describes his country as having great potential and ability to emerge from its deep economic crisis. later in the day he will meet merkel. greece's international creditors are pressing athens to implement full austerity measures. the next before of hreps greece will defeat. he said they had mid big reforms and appeals for germany's help to secure greece more rescue loans. my government has not shied from
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self-criticism. we have been brutally honest about the political and economic failings that led us to the current crisis. we know that this crisis on the other hand provides us a unique opportunity to launch important reforms which we're doing. that greece badly needed to become competitive again. that is why the rescue plan is not only to keep us afloat, it is an investment in a different greece, a greece that is confronting problems that were overlooked for decades. we have passed unprecedented reforms in a matter of months. yes, we are making this crisis an opportunity. and i can assure you that your investment in greece will not keep us stuck in the past. it is an investment to move greece into the future.
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what is greece's future? let me begin with what we must change from the past. first of all, greece does have great potential. we are not a poor country. we were a mismanaged country. total transparency and accountable g instance are our priorities. let me give you an example. very euro spent by the government is now published online for every citizen to see. when we computerized medical prescriptions for one pension fund a few months ago we had a decrease in cost by over 35%. with our first electronic procurement of medical equipment we have cut the final bill to 1/6 of the estimated cost. but we have much to do and this is a project very complex and time-consuming. that is why i have asked for technical help and best practices from other countries with the support of the european
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union commission. >> let's get more live to berlin and steve evans. he received a rousing reception, didn't he? >> yes, it sounded like a sales pitch and i think it was. but it was a sales pitch to the people in the room who are business people with checkbooks looking to invest around the globe, but a pitch to the german and more some extent importantly to members of the abunda abundant des stag to meet to decide whether to give the of money and new arrangements agreed on in july, whether to give that the go-ahead. so, you have the mood music if you like before that big vote because if that vote goes the wrong way for chancellor merkel the financial markets go into a spin and her government is in difficulty but the whole bailout then is questionable. >> when it comes to that sales
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pitch as you put it, i was struck by one remark he said where you need inspiration, innovation and motivation and if scorn nly punishment and this will not work. knowing the mood among the german people will that buy any sympathy? >> i think it will. the mood among the german people is sometimes overstated as being overwhelmingly anti. but the polls basically ask people are you in favor of giving your money to another country and a lot of people say no and is it cynical it say would they or wouldn't they? it ou ask them do you want be under they say no there is a nuanced reaction. but what you can't say also is that the skepticism if you like is rising. but i suppose what he is saying there is don't think it can only
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be set. just pweurpld i have my own politics to think about as well. it is almost a united action by two leaders to address their own people and get the other one to address the other. >> thank you, steve. i'm joined from the city of london by david jones chief market strategist for the i.g. index. there's been a spring in the step of the markets for the start of the week. do you think that will be maintained if there is not more discussion and more hope about possible greek writdowns? >> i think what needs to happen is a bit less discussion because we have had a lot of that the last few weeks and action now. the markets have been buoyed. yesterday, good. day in london on the back of the eekend and hopes that finally we are moving toward a firm plan on how to deal with greece.
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i think we need some actual things put in place and it is time for action. if we get to the beginning of next week or middle of next week and there is talk and no real plans, this confidence will evaporate just as quickly as we saw on numerous consists. >> but is the focus of attention on the next drawdown or the bigger picture of let's get rid of some of this greek debt and build a much bigger fund among the eurozone countries? >> i think it is the latter. the market is pricing in the probability of greece defaulting. i think it has a line drawn off it and starting to rebuild and rest of the eurozone. the assumption is the vote will go through thursday for germany. we don't see any problems there. it is really what happens after that, what are the firm plans for the rest of the eurozone finance ministers have.
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>> yes, indeed. jamie is with me now. it is brighter. >> you have to step back from the markets and look at what they have been doing the last month or so. on friday we were talking about this is the most terrific plunge and it was a serious plunge. but actually over the last -- since the end of august they have been trading in a fairly narrow band. the ft-si and u.s. market have been fairly level. the d.a.x. and c.a.c. have been falling. th abouts because of worries the european banks. into is really the narrative of their concern with what is going on in greece and rebuilding. the building up of this bailout fund. there is another narrative which hasn't started to be explored yet which is the to do with the fundamental reason it lock into profits. profits for a company and how
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much they make and what that potential is. what i don't think has been looked at properly yet but will be in the next month or so is how companies are going to fare in zero growth environment. next month we start to get corporate earnings for the third quarter and i think we might see a number of companies particularly cyclical companies the retail companies, companies, g companies which go up and down with the economic cycle. we might see a number of analysts saying they are not going to do as well as we thought. so there is the macroeconomic story and corporate one. corporate one will develop probably next month with the results coming out. jamie, thank you very much. a powerful typhoon has hit philippines bringing heavy rain and winds up to 170 kilometers an hour. it is typhoon nesat the largest
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of the year and has force the around 100,000 people out of their homes already. heavy downpours prompted closure of government offices, schools and universities in manila. steven anderson is the head of the world food program in man nil will. -- man nil will. >> what needs to be done is first get a sense of the magnitude of the damage. i think we are still in the early phase. we will know more in the next 24 hours. i think that the government has mobilized its resources. it seems to have the swaeuituat under control although it is a very challenging situation, particularly in the north but even right here in the metro manila area. identifiize the staff and goods that are prepositioned to have them go out to the most
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affected areas. >> i suppose the key from your perspective is how many people are dismissed or moved out of homes because that is the point at which they will need fairly urgently special provisions. >> that is right. but we are still in an early stage. as you mentioned earlier, well over 100,000 people were preemptively evacuated. the numbers of people that aware hearing so far are -- it is still we are just hearing about several thousands here and there. and seven have been reported dead so far. i think that the numbers will grow in the coming hours. of course, there will be places where infrastructure has been damaged and with cut off access to certain areas. but the government is prepared for these types of events. they have about 20 such typhoons a year, so they do have systems
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and preparedness measures in place. at the same time it puts a major, major stress on the systems. >> potentially worse to come. we will keep up to that. female australian soldiers are to be able to go to the front lines and join the special forces. the defense minister has announced immediate lifting of restrictions though it could take up to five years to implement the change in full. our correspondent duncan kennedy is in sidney and says the women have been pushing for some time for this. >> first pressure from women themselves and some of whom want to see action on the front li s lines, and they are saying they can't get into the higher ranks unless they have seen combat action. so up to 10,000 or so in the australian defense force are not really represented in the higher ranks and that is because they
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have not seen combat action. they say they need it to climb the ranks. it comes from the government themselves who are saying that australians have a pretty egalitarian society and for over 100 years australian women have not been allowed on the front line and this is rectifying a wrong. so, two pressures, the women and the government who say it is time to come into the 21st century. there are potential physical and emotional and psychological issues but away think the time is right for the women to go to the front line. >> i suppose these days of interoperable forces, duncan, where different nationalities work together it has to be compatible with other countries as well, do not it? >> yes, that is an issue. the defense minister said he was confident that the women would be able to work, for example, with american servicemen in places like afghanistan where australia has 1,500 troops and
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they could work alongside afghan forc forces. although the australian government is saying it is confident it will work there are oth sounding out caution saying it is acting a bit quickly. the reason this still to be completed, it is not clear how women with face up to the strains of front lien experience and how they will react emotionally and psychologically. they say the australian government is jumping the gun and these measures will go ahead and as you said able to serve on they can get if in. >> you are watching bbc world news. still it come, we will take a look at the ups and downs of senegal's gold rush. >> here in britain the leader of the opposition labor party is expected to tell his party conference that britain a's fas
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buck culture must come to an end. in a speech to delegates in the northwest city of liverpool he will say they are offering a d set of values to the conservatives. >> once it was flare and brown and now they are trying to revise the labor party fortunes and with the global economy looking volatile they are given to the coalition government the u.k. zone recovery by cutting public spending too far and too fast. >> this is not as the conservatives play simply a crisis of public debt which can be solved country by country through austerity, cuts and retrenchment but truly a global growth crisis which is deepening and darkening by the day. hen he makes the spaoep later he will want to -- speech emwant to argue that the labor party
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has the best ideas. for example by cutting sales tax. the big problem is the country's huge deficit was racked up under a labor government. so he will have to work hard if he wants to reestablish his for economic tion responsibility. the opposition leader's speech is a chance for him to give voters more of a sense of who he is and what he believes in. with the conservatives and neck neck and neck in the opinion polls and with the economic landscape so uncertain this could be a crucial phase in the election cycle. >> quite a significant conference there. if you want more details it will through the week you can get it on you are watching bbc world news. the headlines this hour, the
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greek pr has urged german business ladders to invest in his country to help it find a bay out of the debt crisis. the largest storm to hit the philippines this year has forced more than 100,000 to leave homes, at least seven have died. giving accused of michael jackson a fateful over-des of sedatives goes on trial. he is accused of involuntary manslaughter. he denies the charges. this report from los angeles. >> it shocked the world. was in the final stages of preparing for this event, his comeback concert in london. on the day he died he had been in bed all morning. he was found unconscious by dr. conrad murray who was looking after him. there much frantic scenes as attempts were made to revive him. the coroner said he died from an
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overdose. it was ruled homicide. to the jury to decide whether dr. murray was so reckless in his care for the sing singer that he caused his death. this is where the story will unfold. the criminal court building in downtown los angeles. the scene of many high profile celebrity trials. in a city that is well used to high drama. members of the jackson family say they will be in court every day to follow the case. they may be called as witnesses. dr. murray has pleaded not guilty. he said he did nothing that should have killed michael jackson. the trial is expected to last up to six weeks. >> to syria the government has accused western countries of trying to create chaos that with dismember the country. speaking at the united nations general assembly the syrian foreign minister defended his
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country's crackdown on protesters blaming the campaign on foreign intervention. >> any objective analysis of the events in and around syria will demonstrate that the purpose of the unjust anti-syria campaign under way is to attack this model of co-existence that has been a source of pride to our people. how can away otherwise explain media provocations, financing and arming religious extremism? what purpose could it serve on total chaos to dismember syria a and adversely affect its neighbors. what else could this course achieve other than spreading western hegemony over the countries of the mediterranean and serving israel's expansionist interests? i assure you our people are determined to reject all forms of foreign intervention in their internal affairs. we shall continue to pursue
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security and stability. >> let's get other stories. the appeal hearing of amanda knox convicted of killing her british flat mate continues in an italian city. a defense lawyer is making the closing arguments in an attempt it overturn the conviction against her and her co-accused. both were found guilty of the murder of knox's flat mate. there's been apparent criticism of the italian prime minister by the head of the catholic bishop conference. it was mortifying to witness behavior that not only ran count are to public decorum but was sad and hollow. berlusconi faces a number of sex and corruption allegations. person past 25 years a has devoted his life to de-fausting thousands of bombs
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and mines in northern iraq. he has become such a local celebrity the mosques, streets and schools are named after him. >> they say mines are soldiers that never sleep or make mistakes. they are the world of shreupbt wars. he has been clearing them for the past 25 years in the border villages of iraq kurdistan. legs as lost both explosions. we are in an area where in 19885,000 were gassed by regime. it has won of the densest areas lined mines. >> two were killed here and another two paralyzed. was my he dead 15-year-old brother. >> 22 years ago he lost one leg. within a leg he had last the
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other. >> in 1989 i lost my right leg to a u.s. made mine. i lost the other one to an italian made mine between 1993 and 1994. now the reasonable is named after me. this leg was made in japan. i can hold it like this. i can use it as a dining table and have tea. life is easy. i have no problem. it was a japanese n.g.o. that came to his rescue. he was taken to tokyo for surgery and artificial legs. >> in japan people were very friendly. i was given artificial legs. it helped me to buy a home, car and get married. he even gave his daughter a japanese name. i asked if she worries about her father.
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whenever she is asked about my safety stkpwhaoets emotional. this is not a real minefield. it is his back yard. here there is a whole collection of mines and explosives. he wants to be reminded every day that in every corn of his land a mine is waiting for its prey. these handss i have i will continue clearing land mines. moment.stop for a today where i have cleared mines people are dancing and animals grazing, whenever i dismantle a mine i feel i have saved a young life. >> very good to him. to senegal where there has been a boom in informal gold minuting. thousands risking lives to find the metal. >> two to three years ago there
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was nothing here but a small village of about 500 people. now thousands have flocked here from neighboring mali to try out in the gold it has become the largest gold mining town in senegal. it is just starting to realize how rich the earth is and the locals are learning from new co-workers. >> they are much more used working with gold. been re the ones who have showing us how to extract gold. this year is my first year extracting gold. i had no idea before i came hear. according to mali miners it is easier to find here but it is still a very risky job. >> we are not working in secure working conditions. it is not acceptable.
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often the interior walls of the mines fall which causes damage. sometimes deadly harm. this is not good. we must make arrangements to prfpbts this from happening. >> muhammad doesn't dig any more. ghana to buy mercury to sell to the miners. mercury is poisonous but they use it to treat the gold in the river. the combination of limited infrastructure and increasing needs to treat gold in the waters is proving problematic. >> every day there are illnesses that are tiring us like malaria and diarrhea because we only drink water from the river and we wash the gold in the same water. there is only one clean water pond here, but only one pond not everyone has access. >> the gold has lured people in but with economic opportunity it
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has brought pollution and ill health. the people are asking if the town that has grown from almost nothing will get the support it needs from send tkpwl's government to deal with the new problems. make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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>> union bank offers unique insight and expertise in a range of industries. you?can we do for >> news news was presented by kcet los angeles.
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